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Best Methods to Prepare for AZ-304 Exam. Why Are Practice Tests Essential?

DuniaFintech.com – The Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert badge is a high-level accreditation that opens numerous career doors. Applying for it, you should know that the certification path includes two steps. First, you need to get the passing score in AZ-303 assessment. Secondly, you will have to MD-100: Windows 10 VCE — and you will be a proud owner of one of the most wanted international credentials.

If you already passed AZ-303 test, you know that it is quite tough. AZ-304 makes no difference, so you need to prepare well for it. However, many students have difficulties in finding verified materials and identifying what are the correct steps to follow to get a high passing score. Do you want to ace the assessment from the first attempt? Then, read this article and take notes on the most popular resources that help you AZ-500 Microsoft Azure Security Technologies Tests .

Best Preparation Methods to Use for AZ-304 Exam

Not all IT specialists manage to become experts in using the Azure environment since it’s not as easy as it seems to be. Thus, if you are able to complete AZ-304 test, you are one step closer to becoming a valuable team member in your company. So how to prepare right so as to ensure you’ll excel in the exam? These are some important steps:

  • Learn more about prerequisites and objectives

When you start preparing for AZ-304, you should first download the test’s blueprint. It contains relevant information on the skills that you need to develop, details on the registration cost and the requirements that you need to fulfill before you take the test. Once you have met all conditions, you can start looking for study materials and prepare for AZ-303 Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies Questions – Exam Labs .

  • Explore official training resources

Microsoft is an international vendor with a solid reputation in the technology market. For each of their badges, they offer diverse and sufficient training resources and materials to help candidates get the passing score. For instance, if you like interactive training sessions, then the instructor-led course is right for you. You can find the open classes on the exam’s webpage and register for the one that matches your preferences the best. Also, there are free self-paced learning tracks for those with a Click Here For Website Link .

  • Check yourself through practice tests

Do you think that official materials are the only helpful training source? Actually, there’s more than that! High-rated books from Amazon, video tutorials on YouTube, and many others are incredible options that can boost your skills. Practice tests are also an excellent alternative as they will help you understand which is your preparedness level. They come as an answer to the question of whether you are ready to take Visit The Site Here . Based on the score that you are going to get in the practice test, you will know if you need to study more or you are ready to sit for your exam.


You should not relax after passing MS-101 Microsoft 365 Mobility and Security Certification Training , AZ-304, is a tough nut to crack too. Prepare thoroughly with various materials like online courses and practice tests, and you’ll improve your chances to get a passing score and earn your badge hassle-free. We wish you the best of luck!


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