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This Is What Cloud Developers Don’t Know About the New Microsoft AZ-204 Exam

DuniaFintech.com – This is what cloud developers don’t know about the New Microsoft AZ-204 exam and practice tests. With cloud computing technologies covering almost all aspects of the modern business environment, it’s fair to say that this industry is here to stay. This assumption is supported by Microsoft that recently introduced a new certification track that focuses on this emerging IT trend and the most popular job roles related to it. 

Cloud developers boast an array of technical skills, Exam Collection VCE so it is no surprise that they are also among the best-paid professionals today. For instance, according to PayScale.com, the average salary for cloud engineers in the USA is about $91k per year and it can get even better for more advanced positions. And you can build such a career by passing AZ-204 exam and earning the Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate credential. So, let’s see if you can become the next success story if you choose to follow this path. 

The Latest Microsoft Azure Badges

The recently introduced role-based Azure certifications establish a unique learning track from the entry level to associate and expert. They verify a broad variety of skills making candidates eligible for the positions of Azure administrators, solutions architects, DevOps engineers, data scientists, products and many more. To obtain any of them, one should pass one or several assessments, and in case of becoming an accredited Azure developer, you have to go for AZ-204.

About the Microsoft AZ-204 Exam

Microsoft’s commitment to its new role-based program is evident in the release of new exams that promise credibility and emphasize the skills you will need to take on specific jobs. The vendor is fully devoted to giving its students first-rate programs in IT, that is why it constantly renews the tests whose outline has become obsolete. Thus, software Microsoft AZ-204 can be described as an updated curriculum that was released in early 2020 as a replacement for AZ-203 that’s set to retire on 31 August 2020. 

What’s more, this new assessment targets students who are willing to participate in all phases of cloud development including design, deployment, and maintenance of Azure Solutions. It checks your expertise in compute solutions, security concepts, Azure storage, connecting to Azure services, and optimizing, monitoring, and troubleshooting Azure solutions. To master all these topics, it’s better to prepare with different study materials including books, courses, and practice tests. Also, make use of high-rated video tutorials because they often disclose all the details of complex topics in a simple way. When it comes to practice tests, operations don’t forget to correct every mistake you make so as to remember the logic of getting the right answer for the tasks that are difficult for you.

Getting Familiar with the Azure Cloud Developer Job Role

The Azure cloud developer job role mostly involves managing data connections, data storage options, SDKs, and Azure APIs. These professionals are also expected to accomplish the common tasks related to debugging, monitoring, deployment, and performance tuning. However, drafting you should be ready to build effective communication with other specialists since you’ll need to collaborate with database administrators, cloud administrators, and clients to efficiently implement Azure cloud solutions.

Final Thoughts

Microsoft has fast become one of the biggest players in the cloud computing industry with up to 27% contribution to the global market. So, if you complete your training and acquire the new Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate certification, planning you become a part of this huge and recognized community. If you are ready to launch a cloud career, test your skills in managing the Azure platform in real-world environments through practice tests, pass AZ-204, and the reward will be gorgeous!


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